Here's the latest on Zodiak®...

By: Jamie Bierchen, Master Facilitator


I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and are ready to have a phenomenal 2016. This year, our Zodiak program, will be incorporating many exciting enhancements. Many of you have seen a lot of changes to Zodiak over the years, and 2016 will usher in our most exciting technology upgrades ever.


The first addition will be incorporating tablets into the Zodiak program.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • --Drive many of the learning points of the Zodiak program more effectively.
  1. --Engage our learners even more into the simulation, by injecting more variety of learning tools into Zodiak.
  2. --Increase interaction within the teams, thereby driving more learning.
  3. --Polling participants to gain insights into learning gains within the sessions.
  4. --Removing the potential for human/facilitator error in calculations of year 3.
  5. --Provide more time for participants to focus on company specific information


The integration of tablets into Zodiak should be completed in the first quarter of 2016.


The second addition we have surrounding Zodiak is the creation of our ZPLUS Online program.Learners will be able to continue the learning from Zodiak and integrate it into their everyday jobs.


The ZPLUS Online App can be downloaded on every learner's laptop/desktop/smartphone. This will allow learners to:

  • --Create Z Plans/Action Plans for themselves – driving the application of the learning on the job.
  • --Converse over the app with other Zodiak learners within their organization over the ZPLUS Forum – keeping the conversation going long after the session.
  • --See what other efficiency/improvement ideas are being implemented within the organization.
  • --Look up financial terms that they are unfamiliar with and reference a company specific measures and metrics.
  • --Reinforce learning through activities and online exercises.


ZPLUS Online is available now..


Your PLI account manager can provide more information about how you can begin using both of these enhancements.

So, as you can see, 2016 will be our most exiting year yet! Happy New Year!