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A Powerful, Organization-Wide Approach
Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

The hard truth about strategy execution and achievement of results.

The world of healthcare is changing faster and faster. Today providing high levels of quality patient care must occur amid a whirlwind of issues—from healthcare reform, capital expenditures and physician shortages to readmission penalties, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

It’s that simple. And, that complex.

Too often, leaders, managers and staff fall back on what worked in the past. They deny. They resist change. With so many challenges swirling around them, many feel overwhelmed, confused, angry or sad. Keenly attuned to these external and internal factors, senior leaders have more than enough incentive to pursue new strategies, new initiatives and a new vision.

Paradigm Learning has the industry-focused tools, systems and solutions to make that vision a reality.

Your people need to become focused, engaged, positive and energized for your organization to go from where it stands today to where you need it to be tomorrow. Bridging this gap is the key to successful strategy execution.

Improve the financial health of your organization.

Paradigm Learning works with healthcare organizations to encourage and empower people by improving their business acumen. Our multistep process ensures that they clearly understand the common issues that leaders within the industry face every day, as well as the uncommon circumstances that are unique to your hospital.

When staff at all levels receive help in becoming aligned with your strategic and financial goals, and learn where they fit into the big picture of success, they can—and will—take quicker, more effective actions in support of the bottom-line.

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