Your project needs are unique. So are our project management solutions.

With the Project Performance: Accelerating Your Results suite of capabilities, you can build the skills, knowledge and expertise that will give your organization a winning edge in managing major projects.

Our unique project-management (PM) approach marries modular learning designs with flexible delivery and extensive takeaway tools. We will partner with you to custom blend the learning based on your specific audience needs, project phases and overall business goals. All the training we deliver, whether a one-day discovery learning simulation or a 15-minute audio mini-course, includes these key elements:

Project Management Training Path

The comprehensive Project Management suite features a flexible choice of onsite and virtual workshops supplemented by an on-demand repository of tools, templates and personalized coaching.

1. Set the baseline with discovery learning

Our project management simulations use discovery learning principles to get project teams engaged, energized and speaking the same PM language. By starting with our one-day simulation, Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams, you will build the foundation of PMBOK processes. You'll get everyone on board with the essential skills, tools and behaviors of top-performing project leaders and teams. Countdown's customized "Connections" activities map the tools to your projects and priorities. 

With Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy, you'll add the key dimension of business acumen to the skill set. Your project teams will have the baseline they need to make sure they are doing the right things to impact profitability, revenue and other mission-critical strategies.

2. Go deeper: Fast-traction improvements

The modules available in the Fast Ramp course quickly build role-critical skills, deeper knowledge and specialized use of tools. Participants learn about a concept, examine which tool to use, and apply that tool to a specific project situation. With its modular design, available in classroom and in virtual formats, you can pinpoint the precise Fast Ramp topics you need and "chunk" the learning. 

Our NEW Agile Fast Ramp program is designed to make software development faster, more responsive to customer needs and resilient in the face of change.

3. Continually sustain and grow the results

We provide just-in-time support and on-demand tools that continually strengthen your people, project results and processes:

  • 40+ Lunch 'n Learn "Quick Hits." Think concise, practical learning bursts that address a current problem. They're fast paced and information rich, available in virtual or classroom formats.
  • Tools, Templates and Checklists. Give your PMs access to hundreds of easily customized tools, available by subscription, for direct use on their projects. The service includes expert advice on why and how to use each template. No more re-inventing the wheel—take the fast path to consistent projects and tools.
  • Community of Practice (CoP). A CoP is an opportunity for a group of project managers to share know-how, build the company's PM culture and learn from each other. Participants focus on practical business concerns and share feedback in a constructive environment. Our program includes monthly moderated group events on "hot" topics as well as on-demand access to resources. Schedule reminders, email updates and custom indices of content are another aspect of our CoP services.
  • Coaching Programs. When you have a project manager who needs extra help and you are short of mentors, our Coaching Program is a perfect solution. Our expert PM coaches can fill that gap, non-judgmentally and without pressure, by sharing their wealth of experience and resources. We provide virtual, on-demand PM coaching and support via a subscription service that helps time-pressured project managers get their projects completed, while developing their management and leadership skills. Our full-service coaching support also includes group coaching. 
  • 90+ Audio Mini-Courses. The library of on-demand audios build on each other to sustain the learning. They're like a booster shot that helps project managers brush up on skills and gain greater proficiency. Ask about our custom portals that give you 24/7 access to audio courses, tool, templates and other just-in-time resources. 

PMIParadigm Learning is a charter member of the Project Management Institute’s Educational Provider Program. Countdown participants can be awarded eight Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward their certification with PMI.
Paradigm Learning has been approved by the HR Certification Institute for its project management program, Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams, as well as Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®, Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy and Neon Buzz®: Lighting Up Organizational Performance.