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Unveiling the Enhanced
Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®

What do organizations really need from managers today?

In a word, it’s accountability. That’s what Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game® is all about—transforming managers into accountable leaders. We have built on years of leadership training success to bring you an updated and enhanced Impact5 that reflects the expanded scope of accountabilities embraced by today’s successful business leaders.

True leadership starts with accountability

Impact5 is an energizing, fast-paced business simulation that develops the strong sense of accountability—and business acumen—that managers need to make a broader, deeper impact on financial, customer and organizational success. Participants develop a new high-level mindset about their accountabilities as managers. They use this framework to think critically, focus their daily actions and make high-impact decisions.

You can develop the most skilled leaders in the world, but if they don’t understand what drives business and financial results, they won’t do the right things day to day. Impact5 builds a critical mindset that focuses leaders on the bottom-line impact of their actions.

Learning through discovery

Impact5 is a one-day discovery learning experience that begins with a unique business simulation—a sophisticated board game that immerses learners in a pressure cooker of challenges. As newly hired managers at a fictitious company, participants get blindsided. They regroup. They take action. Along the way, they discover the impact of their everyday decisions on financial, customer and organizational results.

Making the connection to the ‘real world’

With fresh insights from the simulation, participants engage in afternoon Connections activities that relate the key concepts back to their workplace and job. Within the context of the Business Impact Accountabilities, they learn how to focus their day-to-day efforts most effectively, use high-level critical thinking, and make more informed, aligned decisions.

A contemporary approach to leadership development

Based on the latest research in the field of leadership development, Impact5 is even more vibrant, engaging and high impact.

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