Strategic communication + employee engagement = organizational alignment

Competition is relentless. Change is constant. Your challenges are unique. Strategic alignment of your employees is essential for success. And that requires crystal-clear communication, with no room for ambiguity or insufficient information. When it comes to your corporate vision, business strategies, new products and services, strategic change management and more, seeing is much more than believing ... it's understanding, engaging and cultivating commitment at all levels. Discovery learning activities can achieve that.

Discovery Maps® are fully customized discovery learning sessions - communication tools that quickly give your employees new insights and help them reach higher levels of empowerment, performance and productivity. By supplementing the power of discovery learning activities (learning through action) with meaningful, contextually rich visuals, we create experiences that transfer key knowledge and critical messages with unrivaled clarity.

AUDIENCES: All employees and managers (for major strategic initiatives), targeted employees and managers (for departmental or localized impact issues), sales professionals and sales managers (for revenue initiatives).

STRUCTURE: Discovery Maps® are communications tools — colorful table-sized "maps" that serve as the centerpiece of a learning experience. In a classroom setting, participants work together to explore map content, discuss issues, draw conclusions, and develop new insights, motivation and commitment. Competitive games, challenge scenarios, realistic simulations, videos and online activities can be added to the experience to build long-term knowledge retention and influence behaviors on the job.

CUSTOMIZATION: Our designers, consultants and artists work with your subject-matter experts to gather data and produce unique Discovery Maps® that are quite literally pictures of your organization and its strategic path to the future, related to your critical messages. We use a speed-to-market design and development process so that you can implement quickly. Depending on your company’s culture and training needs, we also can develop additional enhancements for deeper relevance and impact.

USES: Discovery Maps® can deliver or reinforce messages about your organization’s vision, values and strategy... new products and services... changes within your industry... mergers and acquisitions... new technology or internal processes... competitive challenges... employee onboarding... new branding initiatives... sales training or sales management education. They can complement or energize an existing training curriculum or serve as key communication tools at corporate events, including sales meetings, all-employee retreats, and client meetings.

TIME FRAME: Sessions last from one to three hours. Optional, customized exercises can be added.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.

"The fact that it’s [Discovery Maps] easy to deploy also is important – as many as 35,000 additional employees might use it eventually. By using self-facilitated classroom settings, high interactivity and online capabilities, we are able to take advantage of this training resource as often as needed."

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"When you’re transforming the company, you have to change your thinking about your capabilities, your products and your markets. The Discovery Map program fits our culture. We have a lot of fun with it. Discovery Maps are a creative way to get people thinking."

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