Your critical business issues, our unique learning designs

Our award-winning products address many of today's most pressing business training issues, but you might have a unique challenge that requires a unique solution. We'll partner with you to design an exciting program from the ground up.

For nearly 20 years, Paradigm Learning has worked closely with clients to build custom communication and education programs using our high-impact discovery learning methodology and retention techniques. We start with your issues and content and build powerful learning experiences that are fun, fast, focused and effective. Custom solutions can be tailored to learners at all levels, in all job functions and in all types of organizations.

Paradigm Custom is the right choice when:

  • You've got great content and need the perfect delivery method to match it
  • Training time is limited and you must develop knowledge and skills quickly
  • It's imperative to energize learners around a critical topic or a new initiative
  • Ease of deployment and consistent delivery are important
  • Your internal resources aren't enough to bring your content to life
  • You know games and simulations will work best with your workforce

Paradigm Learning has the expertise and experience to overcome those challenges. We have partnered with major organizations around the globe to create business games, simulations, Discovery Maps® and other learning sessions that bring an organization's vision, values, strategies and initiatives to life.

Our Methodology: We're a pioneer in instructional design and innovative learning methods. We know how to make learning engaging, fast paced, relevant, cost effective, motivational and long lasting.

Our Consultants: Our designers turn your content into powerful learning experiences that grab attention. Our facilitators engage participants and make the learning relevant and meaningful.

Our Creativity: We promise your learners won't be bored. We use stories, visuals, games, simulations, case studies, situational dilemmas, mapping, team activities and more to energize the experience.

Our Visuals: Our illustrators and artists have a keen understanding of business issues and know how to translate them into intriguing visuals — game boards, models, puzzles, online programs and more.

Our Flexibility: You know your content and audience. Our job is to ask questions and listen to your needs. We work closely with you to make the right decisions about design and implementation.

Our Delivery Options: We'll deliver the custom program to your audience anywhere in the world...or we'll help your internal staff do it successfully. It's your choice.

Our Processes: We keep things on track, on time and on budget. You'll have a project manager leading a team of consultants, facilitators, writers, artists and other specifically assigned experts; a Paradigm Learning senior executive as the project's sponsor; and your account manager to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Commitment: We establish relationships that are mutually beneficial, honest and caring. We ask for your feedback every step of the way. And you'll always have access to our senior executives and your account manager. We always remember this is a team effort — between our organization and yours.