Our Approach

Research shows people learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. Discovery learning has been proven to appeal to all types of learners, accelerating knowledge and skill acquisition and ensuring long-term retention. Paradigm Learning's unique games, simulations and Discovery Maps® have five key characteristics:

  • Attracting and Intriguing. First, we grab the learner's attention with sounds, visuals, power openings, game boards and more. The learner's response: "Hey... I'm interested in learning."
  • Jump-Starting. Next, we give participants just enough information to get the experience started. The learner's response: "OK, I'm ready to learn."
  • Brain-churning = Learning. Guided small-team activities get learners thinking, doing, analyzing and questioning. The learner's response: "Wow ... I wonder why ... if ... how ... ?"
  • Discovering and Concluding. Participants discuss ideas, draw conclusions and develop insights. The learner's response: "A-ha, I get it!"
  • Bridging and Connecting. Learners transfer the experiences and insights to real workplace issues and bridge to follow-up action on the job. The learner's response: "Now I know what to do, so I plan to ... "

Discovery learning techniques appeal to all demographics and learning styles — Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y/Millennials.

Tap into the power of discovery to make your learning more fun, more memorable and more effective.