We're Thankful for YOU!

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude. At Paradigm Learning, though we work in customizable situations, there is one constant: We are thankful for our clients and participants! Just how thankful? See below:

We’re thankful for Diversity…

“I love the diversity of the clientele. I get to deeply analyze the business finances of organizations. I get to join the client from data gathering to seeing real, measurable results!”

--Zachary Mangueira, Director of Learning, Development, & Technology

We’re thankful for Growth…

“I am thankful for being able to help participants learn business acumen, so that they can make their companies, and themselves, better. I am also thankful for being able to learn from my participants. I've been to over 60 countries and given thousands of deliveries---and I still learn something new from my groups.”

--Jamie Bierchen, Master Facilitator

We’re thankful for Relationships..

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work for Paradigm Learning. With each client interaction I am reminded of how fortunate I am to build the relationships I have built. It is rewarding to create successful business relationships. I am grateful for my clients' earned confidence and the foundational trust on which these relationships are built.”

--Jolene Young, Sales Consultant

We’re thankful for Globalization…

“I'm thankful for the ability to work with such wonderful clients who find value in training. And, in so doing, it has allowed me to meet some amazing people around the world.”

--Mark Queen, Master Facilitator

We’re thankful for Sharing…

“I am thankful for the ability to market content that truly helps L&D teams all over the world do their jobs better. I am able to be the start of their incredible journey to a powerful learning solution.”

--Amy Bybee, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation

We’re thankful for Partnering…

“It’s really nice to partner with so many bright, dedicated people. My clients’ openness about their successes-- and their challenges—allows me to grow a little bit every week. It’s rewarding to be able to pass on those valuable insights to new and prospective clients.“

--Tim Adler, Sales Director

We’re thankful for Insights…

“In interacting with clients on a daily basis, I pick up valuable client insights, and perspectives that I wouldn't normally hear. Those insights and perspectives are from an international basis and from a huge range of industries and personalities. The gift of those insights is that it adds reference points and depth to my understanding of new clients and, therefore, it’s a bit dangling. Considering, therefore, improves my ability to listen and provide solutions to my clients.”

--Cliff Cheek, Sales Director

We’re thankful for Inspiration…

“Every new project brings with it a new team of intelligent, driven and collaborative partners who are true visionaries and innovators for their organizations. It’s a privilege and inspiration to work with these great clients who are leading the charge to enrich their employees’ lives and careers and, in the process, also empower them to positively impact their organization.”

--Sara Hopkins, Director of Custom Learning Solutions

We’re thankful for Interactions…

“I am thankful to be a professional salesperson at Paradigm Learning because of how kind our customers are. I have heard stories from other sales professionals that they get hung up on – or even yelled at – and that just isn’t the case selling to mostly L&D professionals. They’re such pleasant people to talk to!"

--Lauren Keen, National Account Manager

We’re thankful for Connection…

“I feel blessed to have a job in which I get to interface with a variety of businesses. I feel a connection with every client I communicate with and enjoy the interaction I have with them. It’s a pleasure to be of service and to know that I am enhancing each client’s overall experience with Paradigm.”

--Sue Ellen Rogers, Client Services Manager

We’re thankful for Fun…

“I love hearing how fun a session was! It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our clients not only find value in our content but find that they actually enjoyed the experience. It gives me the confidence to speak to new clients about how truly engaging our simulations will be for them.”

--Jen Kleinman, Sales Consultant

We’re thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving from Paradigm Learning!