Scare Zone: Retention Realities…Oh, Horror

BOO! Halloween is just three days away. Spooooky! From creepy horror movies, fiendish tricks, and ghoulish costumes, ‘tis the season to scream (and have a lot of fun doing it). But this October 31, the screeching is not coming from Halloween. The blood curdling is a result of U.S. organizations struggling with a lack of employee engagement and the horrors of retaining talent. Shrieking madness!


SHRM just released survey results, stating 1 of every 3 U.S. workers hopes to change jobs in the next six months. That’s downright scary. Are companies braced for this big turnover? Is yours? What can be done to prevent it? Anything? SHRM studies cite toxic workplaces, conflicts with managers, lack of work/life balance, inadequate compensation and lack of training as the top five reasons employees are axing their jobs in zombie-like droves.


So HR, what’s your plan?


Consider adding these treats to your arsenal:

  • 1. Infuse employees into company culture early. Onboarding employees with an effective program that immerses them into company culture is what we like to call a great employee start. For every employee that knows exactly what’s expected of them and commits to company culture, is one less employee out there headhunting another job.
  • 2. Alleviate boredom. 30% of employees would quit if their work wasn’t challenging or stimulating enough. Also, their boredom stems from lack of growth. With the learning and development spend per employee up this year, according to ATD, adding in some engaging learning days, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions, will be sure to rejuvenate employees out of a zombie-like state.
  • 3.Provide opportunities for advancement. 19% of employees have already left a job for this reason alone. And it’s a number on the rise. 76% of employees really care about opportunities. Learning and aiding in skill development must be incorporated into each and every employee's quest. Who knows, you may keep one employee from falling prey to that most dreaded and accursed of pandemics: “The Actively Disengaged.”
  • 4.Develop strong, accountable leaders. Nearly 1 in 4 employees would leave their position if they didn’t get along with, respect, or mesh with their supervisor. Effective leadership development training that transforms leaders into accountable mentors can be a way to avoid employees leaving because of malignant relationships.
  • 5.Eliminate opportunities for a toxic work environment. 42% of employees said they would leave their job if they found themselves dealing with office politics, or simply because they were forced to change and couldn’t understand why. It is crucial that employees comprehend and internalize how they fit into the big picture of the organization. When they do, you get their commitment which in turn drives a healthy work environment.


So HR, you know what you need to do. Let us help make Halloween your best type of fright: the fun kind (not one based on employee retention horrors).