Enough about Millennials, What about Gen Z?

Written by Lauren Keen, Sales consultant, Paradigm Learning

Leaders have spent the last few years fretting about the entrance of Millennials in the workforce – and for good reason. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials officially occupy the largest share of the workforce. The think tank defines this generation as people born 1981 to 1997, aged 18 – 34. You can hardly consume organizational development content without seeing an article or two on Millennials.


Now we’re entering a transitional stage between generations. Millennials may be the biggest wave to hit companies lately, but Generation Z is fast-approaching, and we need to know more about them. As you can imagine, Generation Z are highly connected on social media. They value their connections (and those of their parents) more than previous generations. They’re more likely to follow the advice of their parents than Millennials are. Generation Z are interested in finding their dream jobs. They want to run their own start-ups or make their hobbies into their jobs (Business Insider). No doubt a result of growing up during the Great Recession, they anticipate working harder than their predecessors but want to be rewarded as such. Those who work in an established organization want a plan for achieving success so they can take those steps to further their careers.


Please keep voicing your concerns over motivating and training your Millennials. They’re up to bat, but let’s not ignore Generation Z. They’re on deck.