Business Acumen: Behind the Scenes

You’re never supposed to see what goes on behind-the-scenes of your favorite shows, films…of anything! You’re supposed to sit back, relax, and accept the reality that’s been created for you. That is what the creator wants. When you are a true fan, however, you are dying to know what is going on behind the curtain. It’s not enough to love the finished product; you want to know how the creators pulled it off.


As the creator of custom gamified learning, specializing in business acumen training, we have come in contact with almost the entire FORTUNE® 500 list and most of the FORTUNE 1000. We have seen why customers need us, and we have created countless successful business acumen solutions.


Every day we create business-savvy workforces that are very excited about the finished learning solution that we partnered to create for their organization. Still, they want to know what it looks like “behind-the-scenes” with Paradigm Learning’s customers. How did they realize that they needed business acumen? What did they do?


You asked. We listened. Here are three behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into some of our biggest business acumen client successes:


Baker Hughes: Baker Hughes wanted to ensure that their field engineers understood the financial implications of their various projects. Part of a field engineer’s responsibility is to seek and manage resources for their projects. To present their case when asking for resources, they need to project return based on cost of capital (a financial ratio that they call BVA Baker Value Added). Zodiak® was the tool that helped them create consistent understanding across their engineering roles of how projects are evaluated, how funds are decided and how information is disseminated for project close out.


Oxy: Oxy wanted front line leaders to understand how their decisions and use of capital impacted big picture operations. Essentially, they wanted them to think like owners and manage assets as if they were their own. Zodiak was a way for them to broaden the organizational thinking of front line leaders as they evaluated concepts like maturity levels of operations, reserve replacement, production growth, etc.


FIS: FIS wanted to streamline the client onboarding process for their eBusiness. To help catapult this new procedure, the Product Management team was given business acumen training. Specifically, the team was tasked with reducing client frustration, save FIS time and ensure accurate and timely billing. Zodiak was the platform they used to help them better understand how to create and then implement better processes. Seeing the big picture of their impact to the organization as a whole, and ultimately recovering over half a million in-year dollars, that went straight to their bottom line.


We hope you enjoyed your behind-the-scenes sneak peek! Until next time.