Today's leaders at all levels are responsible for attracting, retaining and cultivating talent. Talent leadership encompasses hiring, on-boarding, developing, managing, challenging, promoting, motivating and more. It ultimately ensures the right employees are in the right jobs with the requisite skills and motivation.

Human resources departments can provide processes and resources, but individual managers are today's true talent leaders, responsible for:

  • Attracting employees
  • Retaining employees
  • Transitioning employees

With the cost of employee turnover averaging as much as twice the employee's annual salary, every personnel decision has bottom-line consequences. Often, success depends on changing the way managers think and act — and that typically means acquiring new knowledge and skills. Leading organizations consider talent management a crucial component of their training and development curriculum. It's essential to the bottom line.

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  • Mosaic®: The Art of Talent Leadership® Open or Close

    A discovery learning program that transforms managers into talent leaders

    Today's leaders and managers are more accountable than ever for engaging, challenging and cultivating talent.

    Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership® takes managers on an exploration of the challenges and opportunities surrounding effective talent leadership. The program builds a strong appreciation for the importance of managerial accountability while guiding managers to discover the best practices in fulfilling their role as talent leaders — for themselves, their departments, their employees and the organization.

    This vibrant learning experience gives participants opportunities to explore talent issues in their own organization and the specific managerial actions and behaviors required for success. Critical thinking guides help each learner work through plans for action on the job, resulting in higher levels of commitment to hiring, developing and retaining the best talent.

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  • Impact5®: The Business of Leadership Game® Open or Close

    Transforming your managers into accountable change leaders

    Impact5®: The Business of Leadership Game is a business simulation designed to develop the strong sense of accountability that leaders need to drive results. Unlike traditional development that addresses leadership from a "what you need to do, what skills you need to have" perspective, Impact5 answers "what your organization needs from you" and "how well you're fulfilling your responsibilities."Using a challenging slice-of-reality business simulation, Impact5 helps managers and leaders link their competencies to results in three areas: customer, organizational and financial. Learners explore complex issues, make decisions and analyze results, and develop perspectives about their leadership role in five key accountability areas.Participants return to the job focused on the behaviors and actions that will have the highest impact on their own - and their company's - success.

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  • Discovery Maps® Open or Close

    Strategic communication + employee engagement = organizational alignment

    When you need to communicate multi-faceted business concepts, such as attracting and managing talent, it helps to paint “the big picture” — quite literally. Discovery Maps® are fully customized, highly visual programs that ensure the alignment of employees around corporate vision, strategies and change initiatives, thanks to the power of imagery combined with proven discovery learning techniques.

    The colorful table-sized Discovery Maps are the foundation for one- to three-hour learning sessions that transfer knowledge with unrivaled clarity. In a classroom setting, teams of learners work together to explore the map's content, discuss issues, draw conclusions and develop new insights. Competitive games, challenge scenarios, realistic simulations, videos and online activities can be added to enhance the overall discovery learning experience, building long-term knowledge retention and reinforcing the application of new behaviors on the job.

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  • Paradigm Custom Open or Close

    Your critical business issues, our unique learning designs

    Help your leaders thoroughly understand your company's unique expectations for managing and developing talent with a custom learning approach. We'll listen to you, partner with you, and create custom-made games, simulations or other activities designed to engage, educate and energize your leaders. The learning will reflect your talent issues, industry trends, internal processes, and approach to leadership development.

    We work closely with our clients to create communication and educational programs from scratch, using our unique discovery learning methodology and high-impact learning and retention techniques. We start with your issues and content, and build learning experiences that are fun, fast, relevant and highly effective.

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