Measuring project success is more complex than ever. Project teams must deliver high-quality results, on schedule and on budget, but often with fewer people, less time, less money and conflicting demands. Challenges such as aggressive deadlines, scope creep, communication breakdowns, and changing marketplace demands add even more pressure.

Project managers and their teams need a solid grasp of the basic tools and processes to plan, organize and manage their projects. At the same time, true project success requires them to think and act more strategically in order to align with the broader business objectives.

Business simulations and other discovery learning experiences are an excellent choice for organizations seeking to develop effective project leaders, educate project team members and build the overall confidence of key contributors in the organization.

Related Products

  • Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams Open or Close

    A challenging business simulation for project managers and project team members

    Countdown is a fast-paced, highly interactive classroom simulation that engages small teams of learners as project team members on a business-critical, high-pressure project. Given tight deadlines, conflicting sponsor demands, resource conflicts, vendor delays and changing customer expectations, teams analyze information and make decisions using a variety of project management tools and techniques. In the process, learners discover the importance of these tools as well as the processes and project team behaviors required for a successful outcome.

    Following the challenging and competitive simulation, learners connect the learning to their organization's project management issues and to their own project team's effectiveness.

    For project team members, Countdown provides a realistic experience in using project management tools, processes and behaviors. For project managers, Countdown reinforces the use of effective project management skills to drive teams to achieve results.

    Developed in collaboration with project management experts, Countdown can be customized to your project team needs.

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  • Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy Open or Close

    Business acumen training for managers, employees and sales professionals

    Zodiak is a one-day, classroom-based discovery learning experience that enhances the business acumen of project managers and project team members who must work within a budget. This high-energy business simulation — disguised as a fast-paced game — engages participants as the new owners of a struggling company. Over the course of three simulated years, they handle chance events and make critical decisions around strategic issues such as capital investments, staffing, pricing, new products and more.

    Very quickly, learners develop new insights — not just about how the numbers work, but also about the bottom-line consequences of business strategies, decisions and actions. With these new insights, project managers and team members are better able to tie the goals of their projects — and the measures of success—to the company's financial and strategic drivers.

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  • Discovery Maps® Open or Close

    Strategic communication + employee engagement = organizational alignment

    Discovery Maps® are fully customized educational sessions designed to align employees around corporate vision, strategies and new initiatives. These sessions develop the kind of business acumen and organizational literacy needed in today's complex and competitive business environment. Colorful table-sized maps create the visual foundation for a one- to three-hour learning experience that transfers knowledge with unrivaled clarity using discovery learning techniques.

    In a classroom setting, teams of learners work together to explore the map's content, discuss issues, draw conclusions and develop new insights. Customized competitive games, challenge scenarios, realistic simulations, videos and online activities enhance the overall discovery learning experience, encourage new behaviors on the job, and build long-term knowledge retention.

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  • Paradigm Custom Open or Close

    Your critical business issues, our unique learning designs

    We work with our clients to create communication and educational programs from scratch, using our unique discovery learning methodology and high-impact learning and retention techniques. We start with your issues and content, and build powerful business games, simulations, Discovery Maps® and other learning experiences that are fun, fast and focused... and, most important, effective.

    Consider working with us to develop a business game, simulation or other discovery learning activity that educates and energizes your employees. Our innovative learning approach will help them understand how your organization works and how they contribute to the bottom line every day.

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  • Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game® Open or Close

    Transforming your project managers into accountable leaders

    Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game® is an energizing, fast-paced business simulation that develops the strong sense of accountability that project managers need to make broader, more impactful business decisions. Unlike traditional development that addresses the role of project management from a “what you need to do, what skills you need to know” basis, Impact5 develops a high-leadership mindset, balancing both short- and long-term responsibilities with the competencies required to skillfully navigate change.

    With fresh insights from the simulations, participants will bridge the gap to real-world leadership issues in their organizations, exploring five leadership accountabilities, conduct a Leadership Focus Self-Assessment, and learn how to use a Decision Impact Analysis to guide critical thinking around important decisions. Project managers return to their jobs focused on the behaviors and actions that will have the highest impact on their own – and their company’s – success.

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