Change management is one of the most critical issues businesses face today. Organizations must constantly innovate and find new ways of doing business-and they must do so quickly and flexibly-and company leaders must find ways to manage this change. Change management activities can help build systems in which employees embrace change and get work done.

Paradigm Learning develops change management training programs and change management games, creating discovery learning experiences that educate, enlighten and energize employees throughout any organization. Our change management activities help companies communicate and execute their change initiatives with discovery learning experiences - aligning employees around their vision, goals, strategies and new initiatives.

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  • Discovery Maps® Open or Close

    Strategic communication + employee engagement = organizational alignment

    Discovery Maps® are fully customized change management tools that align employees around corporate vision, strategies and new initiatives. These sessions develop the kind of business acumen and organizational literacy needed in today's complex and competitive business environment. Colorful table-sized maps create the visual foundation for a one- to three-hour learning experience that transfers knowledge with unrivaled clarity using discovery learning techniques. Teams of learners work together to explore the map's content, discuss issues, draw conclusions and develop new insights. Customized competitive games, challenge scenarios, realistic simulations, videos and online activities enhance the overall discovery learning experience, encourage new behaviors on the job, and build long-term knowledge retention.

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  • Right Turns: Change in Action® Open or Close

    A dynamic session about change that builds the commitment of employees and the skills of managers

    Right Turns: Change in Action® is a powerful, fast-paced discovery learning experience for managers and employees about organizational change - its challenges and opportunities - as well as the actions and behaviors that lead to success. Small teams gather around an engaging Discovery Map® illustration and participate in activities that build insights about change in their company, departments and jobs. In this fun, fast-paced session, participants explore the why, what and how of change, discover where they fit into the overall picture, and develop a keener understanding and appreciation for your organization's change imperatives. As a result, employees develop higher levels of commitment and motivation to your organization's key change strategies and a plan of action to contribute to success. Managers leave the session with enhanced knowledge of change management necessary to champion, model and monitor change strategy execution.

    Right Turns is available in classroom or online versions.

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  • Impact5®: The Business of Leadership Game Open or Close

    Transforming your managers into accountable change leaders

    Impact5®: The Business of Leadership Game is a business simulation designed to develop the strong sense of accountability that leaders need to drive results. Unlike traditional development that addresses leadership from a "what you need to do, what skills you need to have" perspective, Impact5 answers "what your organization needs from you" and "how well you're fulfilling your responsibilities."Using a challenging slice-of-reality business simulation, Impact5 helps managers and leaders link their competencies to results in three areas: customer, organizational and financial. Learners explore complex issues, make decisions and analyze results, and develop perspectives about their leadership role in five key accountability areas.Participants return to the job focused on the behaviors and actions that will have the highest impact on their own - and their company's - success.

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  • Paradigm Custom Open or Close

    Your critical business issues, our unique learning designs

    Paradigm Custom is the best solution for unique education or communication challenges. We work closely with clients to build custom programs using our high-impact discovery learning methodology and retention techniques. We start with your issues and content and create powerful learning experiences that are fun, fast, focused and effective for learners at all levels.

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