Today's demanding business landscape is defined by relentless change and a rising tide of information, bringing new challenges to organizational leaders at all levels. Unfortunately, many leaders aren't prepared to navigate the complexities.

Top organizations recognize the need for new approaches to leadership development. They're using business simulations and other discovery learning experiences to help leaders become more confident in business acumen, financial literacy, team leadership, critical thinking skills, leadership accountability and change management.

Our leadership development programs — ready-made, tailored or fully customized — can be used:

  • Within a leadership development curriculum
  • At management/leadership events
  • To support a major company initiative around leadership

Business games, simulations, Discovery Maps and customized games and simulations allow leaders to learn in a fast-paced, energizing and realistic environment where they can develop the higher knowledge and skills necessary to address the increasingly complex and critical nature of their roles.

Related Products

  • Impact5®: The Business of Leadership Game Open or Close

    Transforming your managers into accountable change leaders

    Impact5 is a business simulation designed to develop the strong sense of accountability that leaders need to drive results. Unlike traditional development that addresses leadership from a "what you need to do, what skills you need to have" perspective, Impact5 deals with "what your organization needs from you" and "how you can fulfill your responsibilities to the business"

    Using a challenging slice-of-reality business simulation, Impact5 helps managers and leaders link their actions and decisions to results in three areas: customer, organizational and financial. Learners explore complex issues, make difficult decisions and analyze results. Along the way, they develop perspectives about their leadership role and the importance of embracing five organization-critical accountabilities.

    A Leadership Focus Self-Assessment helps pinpoint the learner’s use of leadership time and effort and identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement. A Decision Impact Analysis tool helps managers take a big-picture look at the potential impact of their key decisions and actions on the department, employees and the organization. An online resource provides critical thinking guides for use back on the job. Learners leave the session more focused on the behaviors and actions needed for success in today’s complex business environment.

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  • Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy Open or Close

    Business acumen training for managers, employees and sales professionals

    Today's leaders are held accountable for making decisions that lead to increased profits or cash flow. When they have a solid understanding of your organization's financial picture, they become empowered to take actions that positively affect the bottom line and can help their employees work more successfully within the company's vision, goals and strategy.

    Zodiak is a one-day, classroom-based discovery learning experience that enhances the business acumen of executives, managers, new leaders or team leaders. This high-energy simulation — disguised as a fast-paced game — engages participants to make critical decisions as they develop new insights — not just about how the numbers work, but also about the consequences of these strategies and actions. It also creates a significantly enhanced appreciation for the financial and strategic drivers of their organization as well as the impact they can have on success.

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  • Right Turns: Change in Action® Open or Close

    A dynamic session about change that builds the commitment of employees and the skills of managers

    Organizational change is a frequent workplace reality, and employees look to their managers for insight and reassurance about the reasons behind change. Effective leaders are those who can explain the circumstances behind the changes and help employees understand where they fit in the overall picture.

    Right Turns is a powerful, fast-paced discovery learning experience that enables leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities of organizational change management, as well as the actions and behaviors that lead to success. In this fun, fast-paced session, participants delve into the need for change and develop keener understanding and appreciation for your organization's change imperatives. Managers leave the session with the enhanced skills necessary to champion, model and monitor change strategy execution.

    Right Turns is available in classroom or online versions.

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  • Discovery Maps® Open or Close

    Strategic communication + employee engagement = organizational alignment

    Discovery Maps® are fully customized educational sessions designed to align employees around corporate vision, strategies and new initiatives. These sessions develop the kind of business acumen and organizational literacy needed in today's complex and competitive business environment. Colorful table-sized maps create the visual foundation for a one- to three-hour learning experience that transfers knowledge with unrivaled clarity using discovery learning techniques.

    In a classroom setting, teams of learners work together to explore the map's content, discuss issues, draw conclusions and develop new insights Customized competitive games, challenge scenarios, realistic simulations, videos and online activities enhance the overall discovery learning experience, encourage new behaviors on the job, and build long-term knowledge retention.

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