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Win-win relationships founded on innovative learning practices

Flexible learning designs, diverse delivery options

Since 1994, Paradigm Learning has specialized in creating immersive, experiential and high-impact learning programs for major organizations around the globe. We offer a flexible array of delivery options ranging from ready-made classroom simulations to tailored solutions and ground-up, fully custom learning initiatives. Our discovery-based learning is available in a variety of formats, including physical classroom, virtual classroom and online self-paced. 

We understand that you need to invest your training time and dollars wisely. We will work with you to tailor or customize your program in ways that create real value for your learners and your organization. Based on your learning objectives, timeline and budget, Paradigm Learning can adapt or built content that will resonate with learners of diverse generations, job functions, languages and locations.

From start to finish, our process is highly collaborative. We start with your issues and content, then build powerful learning experiences that reflect your culture, business realities and learner mix.

Leveraging the power of innovative technologies

Paradigm Learning's sophisticated behavior change model employs a wide range of proven learning elements: engaging visuals...small-group activities that leverage the experience and knowledge of each team member...and compelling, realistic scenarios that build participation and excitement. Our strategy is to identify the kernel of truth--the essence of what you want participants to walk away with--and create an experience around that by using savvy gaming technologies, audio/visual elements, virtual storyboards, executive videos, multimedia presentations and more. We work to achieve a "wow" factor in the learning experience by combining the best of discovery learning with your choice of delivery and technology options, including these innovative methodologies:

  • Augmented Virtual Reality: We can build in augmented virtual reality applications that bring the learning content to life. When participants use an iPad to hover over an image, it triggers a "pop-up" video, message, photo, or music clip, adding variety to the learning and group interactions.
  • Video Illustrated Message (VIM): Our artists can develop and professionally produce an animated video to capture the essence of your strategic initiative or new curriculum offering.
  • Online Portal: We can develop a custom website that gives your participants access to an extensive library of resources and templates designed to reinforce the learning impact and on-the-job application.
  • Post-Session Sustainability Emails: We can work with you to develop emails that are sent automatically at scheduled intervals following a learning session. These quick reinforcements remind learners of the rich content and wealth of tools accessible on the online portal (see above).

In addition, we have considerable experience leveraging open-source LMS systems. Recently, for a $60 billion multinational, we created a user-friendly, intuitive LMS interface that worked flawlessly for the roll-out of a change management program accessed by IT staff in more than 75 countries. Additionally, every elearning program we custom build is SCORM and ASCII compliant.

Successful implementations on a global scale

We work diligently to ensure our clients’ implementations are wildly successful. Whether you use our skilled consultants to deliver training or your own certified facilitators, we will offer our best thinking around effective preparation, session delivery, roll-out and implementation, and after-session evaluations and tracking. 

We value our business relationships and strive to be your trusted learning and communication advisers. Our account managers and consultants will work collaboratively and respectfully with you to identify innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver on your educational objectives.

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