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Story of Innovation

Learning industry leaders Catherine Rezak and Raymond Green founded Paradigm Learning with the objective of changing the world of corporate education and employee communication.  Impatient with the boredom factor and low impact of traditional approaches, they started with a few fundamental questions:

  • What if we could develop educational experiences that grab attention and energize learners?
  • What if learners could learn more quickly, with higher levels of retention?
  • What if learners could more easily translate their learning experiences to on-the-job behavior that delivered greater results for their organizations?

They created Paradigm Learning to address these breakthrough questions. Using a unique blend of discovery learning techniques, including board games, simulations, maps, visuals, small team activities and more, they launched into the marketplace with new, refreshing and powerful programs that quickly captured a large audience of corporate fans. Years later, their story of innovation continues.

A Leader in Learning Innovation

Since the early 1990s, Paradigm Learning has designed and developed unique education and communication programs for organizations around the world. Our award-winning, classroom-based business games, simulations and Discovery Maps®, enhanced with online options, customizing and consulting services, are used extensively by leading corporations and government agencies.

A Pioneer in Discovery Learning Methods

Our core methodology is discovery learning, a powerful educational approach that engages employees, accelerates learning, increases retention and drives new behaviors on the job. Fully customized and tailored ready-to-go programs are available in such mission-critical areas as business acumen, financial literacy, talent leadership, employee alignment, leadership accountability, team effectiveness, project management, organizational change, change management, sales training and strategy execution.

A Leading-Edge Provider of Business Acumen and Financial Literacy Training

More than one million managers, employees and sales personnel worldwide have participated in Paradigm Learning’s market-leading business acumen training program, Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy.  Gathered around a game board, learners run a $40 million business, encountering challenges and opportunities during three simulated years of play. They work with financial tools, terms and concepts, discovering how a company’s strategic actions and decision — and their own — impact the bottom-line.

An Ongoing Creator of Unique Business-Critical Learning Experiences

Paradigm Learning continuously influences the way organizations communicate with and educate their people. By focusing on the most critical learning needs in a complex business world, we design products and services that address leadership development, sales effectiveness, strategic alignment, employee communication, talent development, project management and organizational change. Our team of designers, all with extensive business backgrounds, excel at developing new and exciting classroom techniques, online learning approaches, on-the-job sustainability approaches and more.  It’s no surprise that Paradigm Learning’s programs and services have consistently won top industry awards and honors.

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